Epoxy Flooring for Offices in Carson City, NV

Open office space with windows and lots of natural light. Various work spaces with desks and chairs, hard surface flooring and a plant in the foreground.There are a number of advantages to using epoxy coated foundations in office buildings. With plentiful years of experience in applying concrete coatings, Nevada Custom Coatings boosts the benefits of this remarkable material for our clients. Satisfied clients in Carson City and other areas have generally added epoxy flooring because of its many advantageous features.

The Benefits of Epoxy for Offices

Commercial grade epoxy coatings utilize a heavier installation of the polymers that coat your concrete, compared to the typical homeowner installation. Depending on the common levels of equipment and foot traffic, the grade of coating and thickness are selected. Office coatings also necessitate careful consideration of how the floor is used and what products or services the customer delivers, in order to lengthen the floor’s lifetime and make maintenance simple. Epoxy coatings and protective topcoats can be applied with any of the following attributes:

  • Acid-resistance,
  • Heat-resistance,
  • Maximum water-resistance,
  • UV resistance,
  • Oil resistance,
  • Slip resistance,
  • Scratch resistance.

During the consultation and quote stage, Nevada Custom Coatings focuses on making the ideal use of your capital investment, while offering a motivating office space and simplifying your future maintenance needs.

Where Should Our Office Request Epoxy Flooring?

To create a favorable first impression, many offices design impressive foyers with epoxy flooring. Waiting rooms, lobbies, and hallways are also ideal applications for epoxy flooring. For the bathrooms, break rooms, or kitchen areas, epoxy flooring makes care convenient. If your company requires a clean room free of microorganisms and dust, epoxy flooring provides a continuous surface that is easily maintained and kept clean.

For more information on how Nevada Custom Coatings can protect and preserve your concrete flooring while making them a critical part of your work area’s interior decor, connect with us today for an initial consultation and job quote. We assist you in thinking about your demands in office coatings, your funds to get the project done, and the style that fits your requirements. Applying quality materials, skilled employees, and effective methods, Nevada Custom Coatings will have your office floors renewed, restored, and completed on-time and to your pleasure!
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