Concrete Flooring Services in Cold Springs, NV

For special concrete floors in Cold Springs, ask for the skilled installers at Nevada Custom Coatings! This complete concrete flooring installer advertises all of the services home and business owners require to make concrete foundations durable, stain-proof, water-resistant and colorful. With the help of Nevada Custom Coatings, property owners can finish any of the following projects:

CCC EpoxyConcrete Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy systems by Nevada Custom Coatings in Cold Springs come with a lifetime adhesion warranty. Declare it the “no peel promise”! Color combos with epoxy coatings are virtually infinite. Request an anti-slip coating when essential.
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CCC CovesFlooring with Coves

When protection for corners and walls is needed, Nevada Custom Coatings provides coved floors. Applied above the foundation, coves add water resistance to walls. It also prevents scrapes in paint, plaster, and drywall.
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CCC Polishing

Polished Concrete Flooring

The plain style of concrete is improved with polishing! Polishing concrete turns it smooth and shiny. Added color and protective coatings enhance the appearance and seal in the luster.
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CCC MetallicMetallic Floors

With metallic flooring, the finished style is a smooth, sparkling finish with impressive depth. No two floors ever look the same. Let Nevada Custom Coatings help imagine a style all your own!

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CCC Staining

Concrete Color Stains

Give concrete the style of tile, or other natural products and materials, with colored stains and a durable coating. Nevada Custom Coatings lends a wide selection of hues that are perfectly acid-free. We concentrate on safety, durability and quality.
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Concrete Overlays

Before laying concrete polishing, staining, or epoxy flooring, it’s vital to fix a problematic concrete foundation by resurfacing it with a concrete overlay. Overlaying concrete necessitates prepping a formula of sand, polymers, and cement. The polymers attach the overlay to the original concrete. The final product is a smooth floor.
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Anti-Slip Finish

Many work injuries involve falls and slips. If you have an area in your business or home that is prone to be greasy or wet, it’s critical to implement preventive measures. Nevada Custom Coatings offers an anti-slip finish for concrete floors. For different situations, Nevada Custom Coatings offers different grades of anti-slip texture.
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Moisture Remediation

Water in your concrete is a major issue. Most floor coverings are severely damaged by moisture seeping through unprotected concrete. If you want to cover a concrete floor, confirm that there is not a water problem. Nevada Custom Coatings always installs epoxy coatings including a water barrier. This makes a foundation specified for any kind of floor covering. Nevada Custom Coatings can install this resilience on any manner of concrete, including new concrete.
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Urethane Cement

Urethane cement is the strongest coating that Nevada Custom Coatings lays on. It is even tougher than trowel grade epoxy. Urethane cement is an epoxy combined with a specialty cement that makes the workability of epoxy combined with the resilience of concrete. It has superior temperature resistance. We can also colorize it to your specs.
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