Concrete Polishing in Cold Springs, NV

Polished ConcreteSometimes you desire more than a concrete overlay or a mere change in color or texture. Perhaps you would like your concrete floor to be shiny, reflecting beauty like a mirror. We can achieve this! Nevada Custom Coatings can certainly stain and seal your concrete floor, but we can go even further and give it a glass-like shine with concrete polishing.

How We Polish Concrete

Here are the usual steps involved when polishing concrete:

  • Grinding – A strong grind of the current concrete prevents faults and guarantees the floor sealers attach permanently. We use premium industrial vacuum equipment to collect the dust produced during the grind.
  • Leveling – Areas with cracks, faults, or deterioration are refloated to the same level as the rest of the concrete. This way the polish is 100 percent level and solid.
  • Staining – The concrete floor is infused, not just coated, with a color stain that you pick. Any wanted patterns are also added at this step. Stains can be heavy, covering the concrete grain, or light, enabling patterns in the concrete to show through like polished wood.
  • Transparent protective coat – Floor sealants applied on top of the polished floor fill the pores and emphasize the fabulous gloss. These clear sealers bond to the smoothed out surface with great strength, creating a floor that is very low maintenance. For locations where heavy traffic is normal, we apply a thicker coat of protective sealers to compensate.

Concrete polishing therefore lends the best in decorative durability, for both businesses and homes, while also lending scratch and chemical resistance. This technique is easily the best for companies wanting a colorful, tougher, and low-maintenance floor surface in their commercial or industrial facility, or for homeowners wanting a special floor that’s readily maintained.

For more information about your options in concrete polishing, such as adding depth, swirl and metallic sparkle to your floor, call Nevada Custom Coatings in Cold Springs today!
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