Epoxy Colors and Textures in Cold Springs, NV

Garage Epoxy FlooringEpoxy coatings for concrete offers a noteworthy selection of color combinations. First, you have the base coat that covers the floor and is the starting color option. Then comes choosing granules, flakes, or micas to add onto the epoxy. These all have their own specific attributes and come in single colors or color mixes. Lastly, a clear topcoat seals everything together and protects your epoxy coating from scratches, stains, and wear. Here are some descriptions of each type of texture that Nevada Custom Coatings offers:


Chips of single colors are scattered in a randomized manner and contrast with your base coat. You can add flakes of various color combinations to further enliven the floor, complementing your interior design. Develop your options on sporting team colors, logo colors, or something one hundred percent personal. The variations are essentially endless!


Color micas lend luster to a floor and really make it shine! Imagine how granite reflects light, and you have the effect of mica. The Mayans prized the decorative qualities of mica, adding it to some of their buildings for a dazzling effect. You can employ this same method by adding mica flakes to your epoxy flooring.

Colored Granules

If you need texture as well as color for your epoxy floors, granules are your best upgrade. Granules are colored particles that give grip to inclined or slick concrete. If your concrete experiences many spills or holds potential for slips and falls, granules offer an extra level of anti-slip, and they are offered in solid colors or various color combinations.

Special Orders Are No Problem

If at your consultation, you are not presented with a color of your liking, ask us about special orders. Manufacturers are continually improving their offerings and the combination may perhaps be found to your satisfaction.

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