Concrete Overlays in Fallon, NV

For some concrete surfaces, our well-known grinding application is not enough to prepare the substrate for epoxy flooring, concrete polishing, or concrete staining. Excessive pits, significant surface cracks, or severe staining can require the concrete be resurfaced with a concrete overlay. Nevada Custom Coatings is prepared to provide this treatment for our clients in Fallon.

When an overlay is essential, Nevada Custom Coatings preps and revitalizes your concrete by applying a mix of sand, cement, and polymers. The polymers help the overlay material to remain well attached to the old concrete, while the cement smooths out imperfections and offers a firm surface for follow-up application of concrete polishing, epoxy coating, or concrete coloring. You can also request concrete overlays simply to renovate existing concrete.

Adding a concrete overlay may sound like something you could do on your own. Yet, getting the formula right is delicate and difficult – improperly done, the overlay chips or peels, resulting in something worse than the original. Nevada Custom Coatings has the essential experience to create the right overlay for any floor and then apply it correctly for a perfect surface. Whether you only want a concrete overlay or plan to use it as a first step to boost your concrete floor, contact Nevada Custom Coatings. We are ready to discuss all your options online or over the phone.

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