Epoxy Color Flakes in Fernley, NV

After selecting your epoxy color, you can upgrade it with color flakes. Color flakes are thin chips of material with random diameter. They often contrast with the base color of your epoxy floor, and Nevada Custom Coatings can even use two or three colors to complement the underlying epoxy coat.

Why Add Color Flakes?

From clean rooms to garages, color flakes provide an aesthetically pleasing, textured feel to your floor coating, complementing any floor design. They are available in a plentiful array of color combinations, and also in a range of widths from 1 inch to as small as 1/32nd in diameter.

Some benefits of adding color flakes to your customized epoxy coating include:

  • Color flakes cover up foundation imperfections.
  • They provide various blending options.
  • Color flakes are ultraviolet resistant.
  • They can add a slight texture to the flooring to lessen slipping.

Clients employ a range of principles when choosing their color flakes, such as preferred colors, discovering a seasonal feel (summer, fall, winter, spring), team colors, camouflage, or selecting from the color wheel — many variations are possible with color flakes and colored epoxy floors.

Use the Nevada Custom Coatings website to narrow the choices and request to compare samples during your consultation visit. Implementing the right color combination for your concrete floor is vital to us. Nevada Custom Coatings wants to live up to our reputation in Fernley by providing the color flakes of your choice for concrete epoxy floors!
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