Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Kitchens in Fernley, NV

Commercial Kitchen EpoxyMany eateries in Fernley have a concrete surface for their kitchen floors. Some proprietors have decided to remodel their kitchens by ripping up their vinyl tiles or flooring to expose the concrete and apply epoxy topcoats instead. Many, however, are skeptical to choose epoxy coatings when constructing or renovating commercial kitchen locations. So, here’s a list of ordinary questions about epoxy topcoats in the kitchen in addition to their answers.

Are Concrete Floors Too Rough?

Tile flooring is not recognized for being comfortable. Epoxy coatings can be modified so that it has a feel of give as you step on it. Regardless of the type of flooring used underneath, most diners and industrial kitchens decide upon rubber matting to cushion the feet and legs.

Is Epoxy Flooring Simple to Sanitize?

A high-grade color stained or epoxied concrete floor has a polyurethane sealer that is virtually just as strong as the sealants we apply on garage flooring and service areas with heavy traffic. Carts won’t scrape it. Liquids cannot stain it. Falling tools will not leave a dent. When it comes to strength, durability and ease of sanitation, coated concrete often comes out on top.

Is Coated Concrete Too Slick?

It’s true that shiny epoxy flooring in retail stores and showrooms can be slippery when wet, but their floors focus on appearance, not functionality. That does not hold true when you use epoxy coatings for a kitchen floor. By adding texture or a no-slip finish to your epoxy coats, your floor can have more anti-slip than tile or vinyl. In fact, many business kitchens in restaurants use epoxy coatings because they offer longer lasting anti-slip with the proper topcoat.

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