Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Fernley NV

One of the most requested styles of paint jobs for custom cars is sparkling metallic. These remarkable paint schemes add dimensionality to catch the attention and hold it! Beautiful alterations in color result from the iridescent effects and fascinating sparkles created by thousands of small shiny particles. Can a concrete floor match these impressive paint jobs? Yes! Nevada Custom Coatings is a metallic flooring specialist excited to add luxury to your concrete floors!

What Makes the Brilliance?

Nevada Custom Coatings makes your customized metallic epoxy by combining pigmented under coatings with specialty metal or mica nanoparticles. Besides choosing the colors of the epoxies, you also decide upon the types and sizes of sparkling flakes. Using these options, here are the effects you can create:

  • Iridescence— Birds like hummingbirds or peacocks have iridescent feathers. The colors of the feathers alter as either you or the bird moves in the light. When iridescence is added to epoxy coatings, it is the floor that changes hues as you walk through the room.
  • Pearlescence— Akin to iridescence, pearlescence is more subtle in the color altering effect, resembling the luster of abalone or pearls. This optical effect reminds you of looking through prisms or the vibrance of a rainbow.
  • Sparkle— Mica and metallic flakes are specifically known for this effect. By altering the size and number of nanoparticles, and their color, you select the resulting sparkle.
  • Depth— By artfully adjusting the pigment layers, aggregating nanoparticles in some areas while at the same time leaving fewer in others, our team members create a sense of 3-D. Depth, movement, waves, currents, clouds, and more are suggested by an artfully designed and executed metallic floor.
  • Gloss— Shine and gloss are tightly related terms. Basically, the level of gloss the floor has tells you approximately how much it shines, and shine describes the amount of light reflected from the surface. Thus, the glossier a surface, the more it shines.

When it comes to metallic epoxies, the choice is up to you! There is completely nothing incomplete about a traditional epoxy floor. They are gorgeous, durable, and effective. But when you desire the best that Nevada Custom Coatings has to offer in Fernley, inquire to see our designs for metallic epoxy flooring. Each one is different, every one is customized, and all of them are amazing. To start discovering your metalized concrete flooring, contact Nevada Custom Coatings today!
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