Garage Floor Epoxy in Hidden Valley, NV

A sleek black sports car parked on a speckled epoxy-coated garage floor, which reflects the ambient light. The garage space is open and well-lit, with a large white door partially raised in the background, suggesting that the garage is designed to house high-end vehicles with an emphasis on clean, modern aesthetics.The garage concrete is a traditional example of a space that’s ideal for epoxy coats. A garage concrete surface left in its normal state ultimately experiences coolant leaks, oil drips, and marks caused by tires and highway grime. On untreated concrete those blemishes withstand cleaning and are a continuous and unsightly mess. Epoxy topcoats from Nevada Custom Coatings are the proper answer for both new and old garage surface flooring that require reviving and renewing in Hidden Valley.

No More Spots with Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy topcoats for new concrete flooring are a simple treatment. Decide upon your preferred patterns and colors and our expert staff applies the coatings to your garage floor. Original concrete surfaces that are now stained need a little more attention. Initially, we’ll use advanced methods to remove the blemishes. Then, we renew the floor if necessary, with a premium overlay and then complete with the epoxy topcoat of your option. Whether brand new or old concrete, when we apply your epoxy coatings, we take great care to lay down a strong attachment between the substrate and the epoxy, guaranteeing lasting protection. You can be confident that your garage coating won’t peel or bubble and will stay preserved for a lifetime.

Pattern, Strength, and Color Options With Epoxy Coatings

At Nevada Custom Coatings, we offer an extensive array of epoxy coatings in a variety of colors that you can mix to suit your design preferences. We also offer various customizable selections for your epoxy coatings, such as colored flakes, lustrous color micas, or metallic pigments. Additionally, we present a range of durable coatings to select depending on your unique requirements. Do you want an expedited-setting epoxy that is set up in less than twenty-four hours’ time? Do you want thicker epoxy coats to endure heavy equipment and machinery? Are you looking for resilience from unique forms of solvents based on your line of work? Nevada Custom Coatings will help design your epoxy to cover all of your requirements.

Meeting Your Epoxy Coating Specifications

Our Hidden Valley clients have constantly rated our work as exceptional. We promptly return all requests for information and we are ready to present a complimentary site visit, consultation, and quote. Regardless of the size of your garage, you can be sure of  a pristine application finished with an effective process when you decide upon Nevada Custom Coatings. Call us today to discover how you can make over your garage floor with epoxy coatings and keep it clean and guarded for years to come!
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