Moisture Remediation in Hidden Valley, NV

Although solid, concrete is in truth porous. Water can be wicked up by concrete and flow through it. Along the way, the water surrounds salts in the concrete and carries them to the surface. When the water reaches the surface and dries, the salts are left behind. This makes the unseemly white substance that often forms on concrete called efflorescence. To prevent efflorescence, you require concrete moisture remediation.

If you see joints or seams in your floor that never completely dry, this indicates a significant cache of moisture underneath your slab. Some people try to cover the problem with ceramic tiles or low-quality epoxy. Without a high-quality sealant, however, the water finds a way through, resulting in loose tiles or coatings that bubble and peel away. Then the problem becomes worse and more costly to fix.

What to Do About Ground Water

Depending on severity, you may need to fix the water problem ahead of proceeding (sealing the floor may not prevent problems in the walls or other spots). If the situation is localized to the concrete, some cleanup and epoxy sealing should stop water from accumulating. Nevada Custom Coatings adds a liquid barrier to our epoxy sealer that stops delamination from water vapor. After the procedure is complete, the concrete foundation is indeed waterproof on top, and you can confidently overlay it with ceramic tiles, wood, carpet, or laminates. The epoxy sealant ensures your floor surface will not be vulnerable to moisture again.

For epoxy sealers, the age of the concrete typically does not matter if it is stable. Epoxy coatings dry rapidly, limiting delays, but it cannot be applied to brand new concrete until the material is fully set. To learn more about water remediation for concrete floors in Hidden Valley, reach out to Nevada Custom Coatings!
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