Concrete Flooring Services in Incline Village, NV

Available in the Incline Village area, Nevada Custom Coatings advertises expressive flooring solutions for concrete floors of any diameter, from modest patios to large industrial properties. If the concrete is new, old, cracked or stained, we make it look incredible, indoors and out. Applying superior components, as little as one full day is needed to create an enduring, amazing concrete floor, masterfully laid by Nevada Custom Coatings.

CCC EpoxyConcrete Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy applications by Nevada Custom Coatings in Incline Village come with a lifetime adhesion warranty. Call it the “no peeling promise”! Color variations with epoxy flooring are almost without limit. Adding an anti-slip surface is also possible when requested.
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CCC CovesCoved Flooring

When protection for walls and corners is needed, Nevada Custom Coatings lends coved flooring. Raised above the foundation, coving adds liquid proofing to walls. It also halts nicks in drywall, plaster, and paint.
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CCC PolishingPolished Concrete Floors

Now your concrete floors can be sparkling! Using the most reliable materials, Nevada Custom Coatings takes dull concrete and makes it beautiful! First we polish the concrete floor smooth until it looks glossy. Then we add gorgeous colors and protectants that increase the lustre. The concluding product is much more enduring and simpler to clean.
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CCC MetallicMetallic Flooring

For the maximum shine, specify metallic floors! Create dimensionality and depth on your floors by requesting this luxurious option. This method is similar to concrete polishing, but the results provide the highest grade of shine.
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CCC StainingConcrete Color Stains

Provide concrete floors eye-catching color or the soothing style of wood or stone with concrete staining. Nevada Custom Coatings uses safe acid-free concrete colorants that cannot hurt you, our employees or the environment. A light protective coating can be added to create durability and more color fastness.
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Creating Concrete Overlays

For some concrete, our industrial grinding process is not enough to prep the foundation for concrete polishing, staining, or epoxy flooring. If essential, Nevada Custom Coatings prepares your floor by installing a concrete overlay. This provides a smooth surface that guarantees any new flooring will have a longer useful life.
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Anti-Slip Finishes

The majority of work injuries involve falls and slips. If you have an area in your business or home that is prone to be wet or oily, it is critical to use preventative measures. Nevada Custom Coatings offers an anti-slip finish for concrete floors. For different situations, Nevada Custom Coatings offers different grades of anti-slip textures.
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Moisture Barriers

Water in your concrete is a big problem. Most floor coverings are thoroughly ruined by water seeping through unprotected concrete. When you plan to cover a concrete floor, verify that there is not a water problem. Nevada Custom Coatings always layers on epoxy coatings with a water barrier. This makes a floor compatible for any kind of floor covering. Nevada Custom Coatings can apply this endurance on any type of foundation, even new concrete.
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Urethane Concrete

Urethane cement is the strongest coating that Nevada Custom Coatings applies. It is even tougher than trowel grade coatings. Urethane concrete is an epoxy bonded with a specialized cement that makes the flexibility of epoxy combined with the strength of concrete. It has exceptional thermal resistance. We can additionally colorize it to your specifications.
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