Warehouse Floor Epoxy in Incline Village, NV

Industrial Concrete PolishingWarehouse concrete takes a bashing due to consistent wear with forklifts, loaded carts, pallet jacks, and more. Without sufficient surface strength, even concrete begins to wear out and develop ruts in zones that are heavily trafficked. This is where epoxy coatings for concrete flooring really sparkle, both literally and figuratively. The hard chemical composition of an epoxy floor preserves and protects the foundation beneath it from stresses and strains above it. Best of all, it makes the floor look beautiful while safeguarding it.

What Epoxy Flooring Provides Warehouses

Nevada Custom Coatings provides epoxy coats of different grades and strengths based on the specifications of our warehouse clientele. For facilities that deal with massive kinds of machines and material, we present trowel grade coatings. This is the deepest form of epoxy topcoat and provides the best endurance for your foundation surface.

Epoxy Coating Add-ons

Warehouses have brand new and veteran employees, making safety features important for the advantage of your crew. Epoxy coatings are simply modified to include safety striping, instructional markings, and brand colors. Indicate safe zones, hazard areas, and product position zones. Epoxy coatings are limited only by your inventiveness!

Epoxy coats for warehouses also limit the amount of maintenance and cleaning your location will require. They are easy to sanitize with a dust mop and vacuum being enough in most cases. If you add a coved coating, your walls are also protected. Visualize a thick coat of epoxy that stretches up the wall to maintain the drywall and plaster from collisions and scuffs and you then comprehend the benefit of the coved flooring choice.

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If you are ready to apply a coat of epoxy to your new warehouse floors, or fix your existing concrete surfaces, protecting and preserving them afterwards with epoxy coatings, call Nevada Custom Coatings. Our superior product lines, skill, and experience will assist you to have a clean and protected warehouse in Incline village, saving you time and money. Contact Nevada Custom Coatings for help today!
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