Epoxy Color Micas in Lemmon Valley, NV

Found throughout the mountains of the globe and California, micas are a common mineral. Some micas are specific to certain geographic spaces, lending a natural variety in colors and sheen. They offer a gentle twinkle to the rock formations in which they are embedded and can do the same for an epoxy floor. Micas also provide a granite-like texture and add a refined look to any flooring design. The results are a natural appearance with a subtlety that simply appeals to the eye.

Benefits of Colored Micas

As a mineral, micas bring added benefits to your epoxy floors, including:

  • A multitude of color combinations.
  • Micas avoid weathering.
  • They provide noteworthy chemical resistance.
  • Micas offer a natural metallic sheen.
  • They are known for their toughness.

To choose a colored mica scheme for your concrete flooring, explore our blends, solids, and custom combinations. Nevada Custom Coatings always makes certain that our customers in Lemon Valley and Northern California have plenty of opportunity to select just the pattern that meets their specifications before installing this beautiful, natural form of flooring decoration.
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