Concrete Flooring Services in Minden, NV

For fabulous concrete floors in Minden, ask for the professionals at Nevada Custom Coatings! This complete concrete flooring business performs any and all of the services you desire to make concrete foundations enduring, stain-resistant, water-resistant and decorative. With the help of Nevada Custom Coatings, owners can complete any of the listed projects:

CCC EpoxyEpoxy Concrete Flooring

Epoxy applications by Nevada Custom Coatings in Minden come with a lifetime adhesion warranty. We name it the “no peeling promise”! Color combinations with epoxy coatings are virtually limitless. Add an anti-slip surface if required.
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CCC CovesFloors with Coves

Coved concrete for industrial or commercial and home projects in Minden are a specialty of Nevada Custom Coatings. With coved floors we run the epoxy coatings from two inches to 6 inches (or even more) up the wall. This protects drywall, paint, and plaster at the base from moisture damage or dings.
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CCC PolishingPolished Concrete Floors

The simple look of concrete is enhanced with polishing! Polishing concrete turns it smooth and reflective. Added color and protective coatings enhance the appearance and lock in the lustre.

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CCC MetallicMetallic Style Flooring

With metallic coatings, the final style is a polished, mirror-like finish with noted dimensionality. No two floors will seem alike. Let Nevada Custom Coatings create a style to call your own!

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CCC StainingConcrete Staining

Give concrete the appearance of stone, tile, wood, or other natural products and materials, with colorful stains and a resilient clearcoat. Nevada Custom Coatings provides a range of colors that are fully acid-free. We focus on quality, safety and durability.
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Concrete Overlays

For some floors, our industrial grade grinding application is not enough to prepare the substrate for epoxy flooring, concrete polishing, or concrete staining. When essential, Nevada Custom Coatings prepares your floor by applying a concrete overlay. This offers a flat surface that ensures any new flooring will have a useful and long life.
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Anti-Slip Finishes

When surfaces are likely to be oily or wet due to any reason, your concrete must have an anti-slip finish. Nevada Custom Coatings suggests this finish outdoors and indoors, for businesses or homes, anywhere fluids are commonly found. Many costly accidents take place because of slips and falls. Opt for the amount of texture that agrees with your needs based on samples that we provide.
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Moisture Barriers

Water in your concrete is a big issue. Most floor coverings are completely ruined by moisture seeping through unprotected concrete. If you want to cover a concrete floor, verify that there isn’t a water problem. Nevada Custom Coatings always lays on epoxy coatings with a water barrier. This creates a floor prepared for any kind of floor covering. Nevada Custom Coatings can apply this protection on any manner of concrete, even new concrete.
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Urethane Cement

Urethane concrete is the toughest coating that Nevada Custom Coatings applies. It is even more resilient than trowel grade coatings. Urethane cement is an epoxy bonded with a specialty cement that makes the workability of epoxy combined with the resilience of concrete. It has noteworthy thermal resistance. We can simultaneously colorize it to your specifications.
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Free Concrete Assessments

For more details about concrete flooring in Minden from Nevada Custom Coatings, contact us now for a free concrete assessment at 775-772-8787 or request help using our online request form.
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