Coved Flooring Systems in Minden, NV

Coved FlooringSome areas of a business or home require a regular washing or frequent mop cleaning. Others see much splashing of liquids due to processing, manufacturing, or cooking. When liquids seep into plaster, they cause damage over time. Thankfully, Nevada Custom Coatings provides an option that stops fluids from penetrating — coved flooring. Coving stretches the epoxy floor coating up the wall, designing a continuous surface from floor to wall. Like the lip of a plate, coving keeps liquids from sliding “out of bounds.”

Advantages of Coved Floors

Coved flooring not only protects your walls, but makes them look beautiful too! These applications are additionally an effective protectant for drywall that is regularly scuffed or bumped by carts, equipment, or lifts. Coving thus keeps the walls looking professional!

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