Warehouse Floor Epoxy in Minden, NV

Industrial Concrete PolishingMinden warehouses are full of wear — loaded carts, pallet jacks, forklifts, foot traffic, and more. The general warehouse features a concrete surface, but even that solid material breaks down into marks after continuous flow along ordinary pathways. To help your warehouse foundation last, you need epoxy coatings! Epoxy is offered in a wide variety of color options and does more than just look wonderful. Epoxy coatings also preserve and protect the concrete that lies underneath.

What Epoxy Coatings Provide Warehouses

Nevada Custom Coatings provides epoxy topcoats of different strengths and grades based on the needs of our warehouse clientele. For locations that see hefty types of machinery and material, we provide trowel level coatings. This is the densest form of epoxy coating and provides the optimal resilience for your concrete surface.

Epoxy Coating Add-ons

Warehouses have brand new and senior employees, making safety features vital for the advantage of your team. Epoxy coats are effortlessly adapted to include safe striping, instructional marks, and brand colors. Demarcate safe areas, hazard zones, and material designation areas. Epoxy coatings are limited only by your imagination!

Coved flooring is another commonly specified choice for warehouses due to the frequency of scrapes and bumps on walls from the usage of carts, lifts, or equipment. By installing the epoxy coating a specified height above the floor and up the surface of the wall, you preserve and protect both the walls and floors from damage. This minimizes your maintenance and cleaning costs and boosts the appearance of your workplace.

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For more information about what Nevada Custom Coatings provides for epoxy coatings in warehouses, contact us online or on the phone. Inquire about our customization options designed to meet the needs of your company. With various offerings designed to increase the durability, safety, and quality aspects of your surfaces, Nevada Custom Coatings is here to assist you to have a safer and more effective warehouse.
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