Concrete Polishing in North Lake Tahoe, NV

Polished ConcreteSometimes you need more than a concrete renovation with a simple change in color and texture. Perhaps you would prefer your concrete floor sparkle, reflecting beauty like a mirror. Nevada Custom Coatings can certainly color and preserve your concrete floor, but we can go even further and give it a glassy shine with concrete polishing.

How We Polish Concrete

Here are the usual steps employed when polishing concrete:

  • Grinding – A strong grind of the present concrete eliminates faults and guarantees the floor sealers attach permanently. We use high quality industrial vacuum equipment to collect the dust produced during the grind.
  • Leveling – Areas with deterioration or faults are refloated to the same level as the rest of the floor. This way the polish is perfectly level and solid.
  • Staining – Your concrete floor is infused, not just coated, with a color stain of your choice. Any requested patterns are also added at this step. Stains can be heavy, obscuring the concrete grain, or translucent, allowing patterns in the concrete to shine through like polished wood.
  • Clear protective layerFloor sealants applied above the polished floor fill the pores and highlight the wonderful gloss. These transparent sealers bond to the smoothed out concrete with considerable strength, creating a floor that is very low maintenance. For environments where heavy traffic is commonplace, we lay a thicker coat of protective sealers to compensate.

Once concrete polishing is complete, your glass-like, colorful floors are thoroughly guarded from scratching, wear, and stains. Maintenance is easier, needing far less care than linoleum, wood, or carpet. Nevada Custom Coatings offers concrete polishing for floors in residences and commercial or industrial buildings of all kinds and sizes.

For more details about your options in concrete polishing in North Lake Tahoe, such as adding swirl, depth, and metallic sparkle to your concrete, contact Nevada Custom Coatings today!
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