Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Kitchens in North Lake Tahoe, NV

A focused male chef in a professional kitchen garnishing plates of salad with precision, wearing a white chef's coat and black apron. In the blurred background, another chef is busy preparing dishes, highlighting the bustling environment of a commercial kitchen.Many cafes in North Lake Tahoe have a concrete surface for their kitchen floors. Some proprietors have decided to renovate their kitchens by pulling out their vinyl flooring or tiles to expose the concrete and install epoxy topcoats instead. Still other restaurants currently being framed or renovated use epoxy floors for their kitchens as the first upgrade. Some, however, are still skeptical when considering use of epoxy topcoats in a kitchen so here are some answers to some commonplace inquiries we hear in the North Lake Tahoe area.

Isn’t Concrete Rough on the Feet and Legs?

Many are worried that a concrete floor will be too harsh on their feet and joints, perhaps prompting agitation while stationary for the extended periods needed during a restaurant shift. In fact, epoxy floors can assist in reducing this situation. With Nevada Custom Coatings, you can choose different levels of height and rigidness for your epoxy floor to help with minimizing impact and vibration. With the correct specifications during application, your epoxy floor can be better and safer for your feet and joints than boring concrete or tile choices.

Is Coated Concrete Easy to Sanitize?

A quality color stained or epoxied concrete base has a polyurethane sealer that is almost just as strong as the sealants we apply on garage floors and business areas with heavy traffic. Carts will not scuff it. Liquids cannot discolor it. Falling implements will not leave an impression. When it comes to strength, longevity, and ease of cleanliness, coated concrete generally comes out on top.

Is Coated Concrete Too Slippery?

Many people figure epoxy floors are extremely slippery when wet. A high gloss epoxy floor certainly has that feature, but that type of floor is for showrooms and retail stores, not for kitchens. Instead, your kitchen must have an epoxy floor that boosts safety with a no-slip finish, so that you and your crew can maintain a safe grip even if there’s an unexpected spill. And with coved flooring, you don’t have to be concerned about a spill causing damage by slipping under the wall.

How Can I Get Epoxy Flooring for My Kitchen?

Concrete is never grey when you request Nevada Custom Coatings to color your kitchen floors. For a secure and useful work kitchen, color-stained concrete or epoxy flooring can match your specifications with an attractive style that competes very well with other surfaces. If you have other questions about concrete in the kitchen, contact Nevada Custom Coatings for more information. We look forward to helping you discover the benefits of concrete flooring in commercial kitchens.
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