Warehouse Floor Epoxy in North Lake Tahoe, CA

Empty industrial warehouse interior with a high ceiling and multiple closed rolling shutter doors. The doors have translucent panels near the top, allowing for some natural light. The space has a glossy concrete floor reflecting the surroundings, and the walls are adorned with safety markings at regular intervals. Bright LED lights are installed on the ceiling, enhancing the clean and spacious atmosphere. An exit sign is visible above a door, indicating a safety route.Warehouse concrete takes a bashing due to consistent wear with forklifts, loaded carts, pallet jacks, and more. Without sufficient foundation protection, even concrete starts to wear and develop ruts in zones that are heavily trafficked. This is where epoxy coatings for concrete floors really sparkle, both figuratively and literally. The hard chemical composition of an epoxy flooring cushions and preserves the substrate beneath it from forces and loads above it. Best of all, it makes the floor look beautiful while guarding it.

What We Offer for Warehouses

Every warehouse encounters its own problems. Nevada Custom Coatings creates your epoxy flooring based on your special needs. If you use heavy machines and store deep products, you need trowel grade epoxy topcoats. Chemical companies desire resistant kinds of epoxy that can stand the worst types of spills. Our skill and experience means that your North Lake Tahoe business receives the coating you need for maximal benefit.

Additional Options with Epoxy Coatings

Warehouses feature new and long-time employees, making safety functions important for the benefit of your crew. Epoxy coats are easily adapted to include secure striping, informational marks, and brand colors. Demarcate safe areas, danger areas, and material designation zones. Epoxy coats are limited only by your creativity!

Epoxy coats for warehouses also minimize the level of maintenance and cleaning your building will require. First, they are quick to clean. A dust mop and vacuuming is enough in most cases. If you choose to add coved flooring, your walls are also protected. Visualize a thicker coat of epoxy that spreads up the walls to maintain the drywall and plaster from collisions and nicks and you then understand the benefit of the coved flooring upgrade.

Epoxy Flooring for North Lake Tahoe

If you are equipped to apply a new coat of epoxy for your brand new warehouse, call Nevada Custom Coatings. If you need to repair your concrete surfaces and want to preserve them afterwards with epoxy coatings, call Nevada Custom Coatings. Either way, our skill, experience, and superior product lines will help you to have a pristine and protected warehouse, saving you money and time. Contact Nevada Custom Coatings in North Lake Tahoe for assistance today!
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