Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Kitchens in Spanish Springs, NV

A focused male chef in a professional kitchen garnishing plates of salad with precision, wearing a white chef's coat and black apron. In the blurred background, another chef is busy preparing dishes, highlighting the bustling environment of a commercial kitchen.There are some concerns about concrete flooring that we at Nevada Custom Coatings receive on a fairly regular basis. When a customer is considering using a tint stained concrete floor in a professional kitchen, for example, they are generally associating it to what they may experience with a vinyl or tile floor. So here are some responses to these ordinary worries about concrete flooring in professional kitchens that we hear in the Spanish Springs area.

Isn’t Concrete Rough on the Feet and Legs?

Many are worried that a concrete floor will be too hard on their joints and feet, perhaps prompting discomfort while in place for the extended periods mandatory during a restaurant shift. In fact, epoxy flooring can assist to alleviate this circumstance. With Nevada Custom Coatings, you can choose different levels of height and hardness for your epoxy coat to help with bearing impact and vibration. With the correct specifications during installation, your epoxy floor can be better and safer for your joints and feet than simple tile or concrete options.

Are Epoxy Floors Easy to Sanitize?

Epoxy floors have no cracks or joints, so there is no place for bacteria, dirt, hair, old food, or other contaminants to get stuck. There’s no grout to scour and clean. Usually, all epoxy floors need for maintenance and cleaning is a mopping. In addition, opting for coved flooring will stretch the protection of epoxy topcoats up the walls of your kitchen from a matter of inches to more than a foot, protecting your walls and floors from spills and dings with carts and delivery dollies.

Isn’t Epoxy Too Slippery for Kitchens?

Many people think epoxy floors are exceptionally slick when wet. A high gloss epoxy floor definitely has that trait, but that style of floor is for retail stores and showrooms, not for kitchens. Instead, your kitchen must have an epoxy floor that boosts safety with a no-slip finish, so that you and your crew can keep a safe traction even if there is an accidental spill.

How Can I Get Epoxy Floors for My Kitchen?

Concrete is never boring when you ask Nevada Custom Coatings to color your kitchen flooring. For a secure and useful work kitchen, color-stained concrete or epoxy floors can meet all your requirements with an appealing style that competes very well with other floors. If you have other questions about concrete in Spanish Springs kitchens, reach out to Nevada Custom Coatings for more information. We look forward to helping you learn about the advantages of concrete coatings with industrial kitchens.
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