Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Sparks, NV

Bring the beauty of metallic paint to your concrete foundations with the extra resilience and endurance of epoxy coatings from Nevada Custom Coatings. Create floors with astounding iridescence, shine, pearlescence, depth, metallic sparkle, and swirl. The simple concrete foundation in your lobby, home, showroom, hallway, or gym can appear like waves, clouds, swirling liquids, or the depths of deep space.

What Creates the Sparkle?

Nevada Custom Coatings makes your customizable metallic epoxy by combining colored undercoatings with specialized mica or metal nanoparticles. In addition to selecting the colors of the epoxies, you also select the types, sizes, and colors of sparkling flakes. Using these possibilities, here are the effects we can create:

  • Iridescence — Imagine the feathers of a hummingbird or a peacock and you can visualize the effect of iridescence. When applied on epoxy coatings, the floor changes color based on the light source or viewpoint.
  • Pearlescence — This effect is similar to that of iridescence, but with a focus on matching the subdued colors made by abalone shells or pearls. It reminds you of a rainbow or the colorful light from prisms.
  • Sparkle — Mica and metallic particles are noteworthy light reflectors. Increase or decrease the sparkle by altering the number or size of nanoparticles in the epoxy.
  • Gloss — Shine and gloss are tightly related words. In effect, the intensity of gloss the floor has tells you approximately how much it shines. And shine describes the amount of light reflected from a surface. So, the glossier a surface, the more it will shine.
  • Depth — By skillfully arranging the pigment layers, bunching nanoparticles in some areas while at the same time leaving fewer in others, our team members create a sense of three-dimensionality. Depth, movement, waves, current, clouds and more are suggested by an artfully designed and executed metallic floor.

Using a metallic flooring design from Nevada Custom Coatings, you are certain that your floor will be like no others! To realize the amazing possibilities with metallic epoxy coatings, talk to the experts at Nevada Custom Coatings for metallic floors in Sparks.
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