Moisture Remediation in Truckee, CA

Although hard, concrete is in fact porous. Water can be wicked up by concrete and flow through it. Along the way, the water dissolves salts in the concrete and carries them to the surface. When this water reaches the surface and evaporates, the salts are left behind. This creates the unseemly white material that often forms on concrete called efflorescence. To stop efflorescence, you need concrete moisture remediation.

Water comes up through the floor for a number of reasons that do not involve leaky pipes. The type of soil and amount of rainfall might influence the amount of groundwater. The presence of springs or near-surface aquifers can create water reservoirs underneath your business or home. A nearby creek, river or lake might influence the water content in the soil, especially if your foundation is below the level of the high water mark.

What to Do About Groundwater

Depending on severity, you might need to fix the water issue ahead of proceeding (sealing the concrete may not prevent problems in the walls or other areas). If the situation is localized to the concrete, a cleanup and epoxy sealing should prevent moisture from accumulating. Nevada Custom Coatings adds a liquid barrier to our epoxy sealer that halts bubbling from water vapor. After this process is complete, the concrete floor is indeed waterproof on top. Therefore, you can confidently overlay it with tile, wood, carpet, or laminates. The epoxy sealant makes certain your floor surface won’t be vulnerable to moisture again.

With epoxy sealants, the age of the concrete typically does not matter, as long as it is stable. Epoxy coatings dry quickly, minimizing delays, but it cannot be applied to brand new concrete until the material is fully set. To discover more about moisture remediation for concrete foundations, call Nevada Custom Coatings for assistance in Truckee.

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