Concrete Flooring Services in Zephyr Cove, NV

For beautiful concrete floors in Zephyr Cove, ask for the professionals at Nevada Custom Coatings! This complete concrete flooring business offers any and all of the services you require to make concrete foundations enduring, stain-free, water resistant, and decorative. With the help of Nevada Custom Coatings, property owners can request any of the following projects:

CCC EpoxyConcrete Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy concrete coatings are protective and decorative, with a variety of pattern and color possibilities possible. Many kinds of epoxies offer strength for the unique hazards experienced by your concrete floors. Anti-slip coats are also offered when needed.
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CCC PolishingPolished Concrete Floors

The standard style of concrete is enhanced with polishing! Polishing concrete makes it smooth and reflective. Applied color and resilient coatings can enhance the style and protect the sheen.

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CCC StainingConcrete Staining

Give concrete floors eye-catching hues or the soothing appearance of wood or stone with concrete staining. Nevada Custom Coatings uses secure acid-free concrete stains that don’t harm you, our employees, or the environment. A thin protective coating can be requested to give durability and greater color fastness.
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CCC CovesFlooring with Coves

If protection for walls and corners is needed, Nevada Custom Coatings offers coved flooring. Run above the floor, coves add waterproofing to walls. It also halts dings in drywall, paint, and plaster.

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CCC MetallicMetallic Style Flooring

For the maximum luster and dimensionality, ask for metallic flooring! The application is much the same as concrete polishing, but the final product is a completely extra grade of brilliance!

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Creating Concrete Overlays

Before applying concrete polishing, staining, or epoxy flooring, it’s important to fix a problematic concrete foundation by resurfacing it with a concrete overlay. Overlaying concrete necessitates prepping a mixture of cement, sand, and polymers. The polymers attach the overlay to the original surface producing a level floor.
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Anti-Slip Finishes

Many expensive accidents occur because of falls and slips. When floors are likely to be greasy or wet due to some cause, your concrete needs an anti-slip finish. Nevada Custom Coatings suggests this finish outdoors and indoors, for homes or businesses, anywhere liquids are likely present. Choose the level of texture that matches your purpose based on samples that we offer.
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Moisture Barriers

Joints or cracks in your concrete that don’t completely dry suggest a cache of water beneath your slab. Don’t attempt to cover over the issue with tile, carpet, wood, or low-quality epoxy sealants. Without a proper coating, the water works its way through, ruining whatever flooring material you put on the concrete. If the water problem is small, Nevada Custom Coatings can layer on a water barrier for concrete floors that halts evaporation. Afterwards the concrete floor is waterproof on the top and can be safely overlaid with any floor covering of  your choice.
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Urethane Cement

Urethane concrete is the most durable coating that Nevada Custom Coatings lays on. It is even tougher than trowel grade epoxy. Urethane concrete is an epoxy bound with a specially made cement that creates the flexibility of epoxy combined with the strength of concrete. It has noteworthy temperature resistance and can be colorized to your expectations.
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