Warehouse Floor Epoxy in Zephyr Cove, NV

Industrial Concrete PolishingWarehouse floors take a thrashing due to continuous traffic with pallet jacks, forklifts, loaded carts, and more. Without enough foundation endurance, even concrete starts to wear and develop impressions in zones that are heavily trafficked. This is where epoxy coatings for concrete flooring really shine, both literally and figuratively. The hard chemical matrix of an epoxy flooring preserves and protects the concrete beneath it from forces and loads above it. Best of all, it makes the surface look good while guarding it.

What We Present for Warehouses

Every warehouse encounters its own challenges. Nevada Custom Coatings creates your epoxy flooring based on your special needs. If you use heavy equipment and store dense products and materials, you demand trowel grade epoxy coatings. Chemical companies desire resistant kinds of epoxy that can stand the worst types of spills. Our skill and experience mean that your Zephyr Cove company receives the flooring you require for maximum benefit.

Added Options with Epoxy Flooring

Besides traditional epoxy coatings, Nevada Custom Coatings also provides striping, markings, and signage built into the flooring. Defended beneath an enduring coating, these floor markings are resilient and durable. Make your warehouse a secure property by clearly identifying lanes of travel, safe areas, and hazard zones via your epoxy flooring.

Coved flooring is another commonly desired choice for warehouses due to the regularity of dings and nicks on walls from the usage of lifts, carts, or implements. By applying the epoxy coat a specified distance above the ground and up the façade of the wall, you defend both the floors and walls from damage. This limits your cleaning and maintenance costs and improves the style of your workspace.

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If you are prepared to apply a new coat of epoxy in your brand new warehouse, or want to repair your existing concrete floors, preserving and protecting them afterwards with epoxy topcoats, call Nevada Custom Coatings. Our superior product lines, skill, and experience will assist you to have a pristine and guarded warehouse, saving you time and money. Contact Nevada Custom Coatings in Zephyr Cove for help today!
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