A Few More Pros to Epoxy Coatings

We recently posted a series of articles that covered the pros and supposed cons of epoxy coatings. We discussed things like appearance, cost, and custom options. We also discussed the challenges faced by DIY applicators of epoxy coatings. Especially when compared to tile flooring, using concrete coatings offers significant benefits for your concrete floor. In this article, we will discuss three of those benefits.

No Layout Needed

When laying down tiles – whether it be ceramic, hardwood, linoleum, or some other version – a significant amount of extra planning is required. It takes effort to figure out how to lay down the tiles within the configuration of the room, then cut the tiles in the right places so they fit flush against the walls and edges. Not only does the planning process take time, but a slight miscalculation may result in having to pull up some of the tiles and start over again. With epoxy floors, however, all it takes is calculating the square footage and preparing enough material to cover that footage.

Coatings, Not Cuttings

With tile floors, many need to be cut and shaped to fit against walls or to reach the end of the floor. Carpet floors often need their edges cut off to make it fit. When finished, you’re left with pieces and chunks of the material. Many installers recommend you keep the pieces around, in case you need replacements for repair – after all, you paid for all those pieces. So, you’re left with a pile of carpet chunks or shapes of tiles that sit in your garage, basement, or attic, wasting away. Instead, Nevada Custom Coatings skillfully spreads your epoxy coatings across the floor without need of joints or symmetrical connections. There’s no “extra” that you need to pay for or hang on to.

Seamless Installation

Most types of flooring involve fitting smaller pieces together until they cover your concrete floor. These pieces fit together, but they create seams or joints where they meet. These areas are potential fault points, where one tile could work loose from the rest. Carpet seams are notorious as points where the fabric becomes unwound. Also, seams and joints typically collect dust, dirt, and other contaminants. But Nevada Custom Coatings spreads your epoxy over your concrete floor in one application. There are no seams and no joins. Cleanup and maintenance is always simple and easy.

Epoxy Is the Way to Go

Beyond what we discussed here, there are many other benefits to epoxy coatings. Would you like to find out more? We’d love to tell you about them. Call Nevada Custom Coatings at your earliest convenience and we’ll happily answer your questions. If you’d like, you can also use our online form to schedule a consultation. Take it from the pros at Nevada Custom Coatings — there are plenty of pros to epoxy coatings!

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