Adding Amazing Color to Concrete

Any Color, As Long As It’s Gray?

Gone are the days of Henry Ford telling people that they can have any car color, so long as it is black. People want to express themselves. Whether they want to impress the neighbors, align to a color scheme, or just add some vibrancy, homeowners want more options than drab gray for their concrete floors. In Reno, people want their concrete to reflect their lives, creativity, or even their loyalty. That includes their floors, driveways, walkways, patios, countertops, or other surfaces.

While epoxy coatings offer a wide variety of color and texture options for concrete, they are not the only option available. Nevada Custom Coatings offers water-based penetrating stains, protective sealants, shiny polishes or reinforcing overlays. Each of these options have their advantages.

Concrete Color Stains

Concrete color stains provide a waterproof, UV resistant cover for your concrete, protecting it from wear. We do not use acid stains or solvents, since they are more hazardous to work with. Our concrete stains keep your concrete looking elegant and natural, allowing the contours and textures of the concrete to be a part of your décor.

Concrete Sealants

If you’re looking for a bit of color with a glossy finish, concrete sealants might be a prime choice. They not only protect your concrete from wear but offer a subtle finish that makes your concrete pop. They’re good for indoor or outdoor applications, adding significant vibrancy to your concrete while protecting it from the elements. Many foyers or entryways benefit from concrete sealants, as well as outdoor patios.

Polished Concrete

When you want to see the ceiling reflected in your concrete floor, there’s no better way to bring that about than with concrete polishing. After preparing your concrete with grinding and leveling, Nevada Custom Coatings adds an infused stain of your chosen shade or any patterns you wish to include. Finally, we apply floor sealers that shine at your preferred level of reflectivity.

Concrete Overlays

Sometimes a concrete floor needs a little extra TLC. Some concrete floors might suffer from pitting, cracks, deep stains, or slightly unlevel surfaces. Nevada Custom Coatings offers concrete overlays to restore your concrete floor. With a mixture of cement, sand, and polymers to bond with the original floor, our team brings back the smooth, clean, and level surface of your concrete. If you choose, we can add a splash of color to the mix, providing a lively renovation to your concrete floor.

The Choice is Clearly Colorful

With so many options available to colorize and improve your concrete floor, which one is right for your home or business in the Reno area? Thankfully, our years of experience and skill give us unique, practical insight on the best options for any concrete floor. Nevada Custom Coatings helps you find just the right look, just the right color, just the right shade, and just the right product. In fact, we offer a free onsite consultation to discuss with you the best options for your concrete floor. Just give our office a call or schedule an appointment online.

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