Revive Your Garage

They say that nature abhors a vacuum. When it comes to storage, that typically holds true. We clean a room, it’s easy enough to find things to place in it. Many backyards and sideyards in Reno include cars and boats, when they ought to be in the garage. But the garage is full of stuff! What happened?

Many human beings acquire more and more stuff as time goes on, and need a place to put it. It’s so easy to put stuff out in the garage, and then there’s so much stuff, you don’t even know where to begin with sorting it out. You’d rather be getting dental work than work on the garage.

As a service to the Reno community, Nevada Custom Coatings would like to relay this list of steps to cull the clutter. These suggestions have helped many to reclaim their garages.

  1. Open the main garage door and remove everything you can. Spread it out along the driveway, perhaps along the side lawn as well. Don’t stop removing until only permanent fixtures are left.
  2. Start with any duplicate items. If you don’t use both regularly, choose the one you want to keep and place the other(s) as far away from the garage as possible. Designate this area as the “release area.” Items you won’t be keeping go in this area.
  3. Next, start with one item and analyze it. Honestly ask yourself: Have I used this item at all – at all – in the last year? If the answer is no – reluctant or otherwise – place the item in the release area. Do this with as much of your spread-out inventory as possible.
  4. What if the answer is yes, and you prefer to keep it? Again, analyze that item and ask yourself: “Do I have any solid plans to use this in the next year?” If the answer is yes, then it’s an item you’ll be keeping. If the answer is no, then place it in the release area.
  5. Follow steps 1-4 one more time with all the items you intend to keep, just to be sure. You might end up “releasing” even more items.

Letting go of items is usually a very difficult thing to do. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that it helps you keep your garage – and often your mind – clear of clutter.

Hidden Opportunities

With all your items removed from the garage, now is the perfect time to have Nevada Custom Coatings install an epoxy coating on your garage floor. Depending on the look and feel you choose, it can enliven your garage and make it a place you want to show off, or use for activities like vehicle maintenance, entertaining, or merely hanging out. It will also improve your property value – many home buyers gravitate toward homes with epoxy floors in the garage, as well as other rooms in the house.

It’s a great idea to make an appointment for a free onsite consultation with Nevada Custom Coatings while you have the clutter removed. You can schedule it in advance as a form of motivation. We’ve helped countless homes improve their garages with epoxy floors. By decluttering with the steps above, and protecting your concrete with your customized epoxy flooring, you can reclaim your garage!

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