Concrete Polishing for Optimal Industrial Floors

Industrial facilities focus on efficiency and production, so the main goals of any facility manager lean towards safety, security, and sanitation. Concrete polishing of industrial floors provides a smooth barrier over the concrete, one that’s resistant to wear, stains, or scratching. It also makes for quick and easy cleanup of spills, the removal of dirt, allergens and other debris.

The Concrete Polishing Process

The process of polishing your industrial concrete floor involves multiple steps to make sure your concrete, your workers, and your products remain safe and clean.

  • Grinding – We start with preparing your floor. The grinding process eliminates imperfections and allows the floor sealers to bond permanently. This process creates a lot of dust, so we use high-end vacuums and HEPA filters to remove the dust while it is produced. That keeps it out of your facility.
  • Leveling – Also known as refloating, this process repairs damage due to cracks in the concrete floor. Leveling prevents pooling and thin spots when we lay down the concrete coating.
  • Staining – During this stage, you have the option of adding colors to your floor. Nevada Epoxy Flooring can add a color stain of your choice to the concrete, further improving the drab matte concrete finish. It can be heavy enough to hide the concrete grain, or light enough to see the original grain filter through.
  • Clear coat – We add a floor sealer to fill the pores, creating a smooth, durable surface that repels dust and debris. Thicker coats are laid down for floors with intense workloads.

Maintaining the Shine

Once the installation is complete and the topcoat is thoroughly cured, we can bring in a buffer. Even without buffing, your floor will be much easier to clean and maintain. In fact, many commercial and industrial kitchens in Nevada benefit from concrete polishing. Spills don’t get out of hand making sanitation and maintenance quick and effective.

Concrete polishing is definitely a wise choice for your industrial concrete floor! To find out more about our advanced concrete polishing methods as well as other concrete treatments provided by Nevada Epoxy Flooring, give us a call or schedule a free consultation on our website.

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