Unforgettable Epoxy Coatings and Concrete Polishing in Nevada

If you have a concrete floor at your home or business in Reno or the surrounding areas, you want to make sure it resists temperature extremes, moisture, and inclement weather. The best way to ensure your concrete provides a sturdy, flat, smooth surface for decades is to apply a protective covering over your concrete. Two of the best options available today are concrete polishing and epoxy coatings. But which product is the best for your circumstances? Let’s go over the benefits and differences.

Concrete Polishing

Many people like the look of a concrete floor – often they want to keep the color, but sometimes the texture as well. In this case, concrete polishing is a great option. It adds a clear layer of protection with an appealing sheen. Nevada Custom Coatings uses a grinding process to prepare your floor by smoothing out microscopic rough edges. After that, we apply sealers that fuse to the upper layer of your concrete, adding protection and an appealing sheen to the surface of your concrete. We can add a bit of color to the sealants, or additions like stripes and directional arrows if you choose.

A concrete polish makes your floor easier to clean and protects your concrete from inclement weather. It’s great for office floors, porches, patios, and garages. However, it offers little protection from cuts, gouges, scrapes, or corrosive liquids. Therefore, it’s not recommended for industrial or shop floors. Other places like hospitals, restaurants, and warehouses find concrete polishing a great way to add aesthetics and an adequate level of protection.

Epoxy Coatings for Concrete

When you want the ultimate in protection, safety, appearance, and durability, epoxy coatings are the best option. After a preparatory grinding process on your concrete, Nevada Custom Coatings installs a seamless, powerful barrier to protect and beautify the floor. An epoxy coating takes a pounding from all kinds of traffic. It helps to absorb vibration, resists cuts and scrapes, and stops corrosive materials. You can even add anti-slip protection so that wheels, shoes, and other items have an improved grip on the surface.

An epoxy coating proves itself in any environment, including:

  • swimming pool areas and lockers
  • warehouses and industrial plants
  • restaurant kitchens
  • workout rooms and indoor sports courts
  • showrooms
  • professional or residential garages
  • living rooms or foyers

Besides being versatile, the look of your epoxy floor is also customizable. Nevada Custom Coatings offers a wide variety of colors and textures. We add color granules, micas, and flakes in whatever combination you would like to see. Even professional logos can be embedded into epoxy flooring. We also increase the reflective quality of your floor, anywhere from a matte sheen to a mirror-like finish.

Which Concrete Flooring is Best for You?

You might still need further information, or even a second opinion as to which option would suit your needs the best. Let Nevada Custom Coatings help you. We have years of experience and training. We have already installed an abundance of concrete polishes and epoxy coatings throughout Reno and its surrounding areas. Use our knowledge and experience to your advantage. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation online. Let’s find out how you use your floor, and help you choose the best options to make your concrete floor the best it can be.

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