Stylish Epoxy Coatings for Countertops

Options for Decorating Your Kitchen Counters

When building or remodeling a home’s kitchen or dining area, many people choose concrete as an affordable material for their countertops and tables in Reno. It’s nearly always used for building or remodeling a home, and easily contoured into whatever shape you like. Once it sets, it becomes a tough, durable surface. It reliably resists pounding, cutting, kneading, or any other action in preparing (or eating) your meal. But much like stone countertops, concrete is porous. If left untreated, its microscopic pores become a haven for germs, bacteria, and other contaminants. Concrete also stains easily from tannins and coloring found in foods and drinks.

That’s why it’s vital to coat the concrete with a sealant, like epoxy coatings. The sealants offered by Nevada Custom Coatings not only work on concrete floors, but countertops as well. Our epoxy coatings bond to the surface of your concrete, providing a durable stain resistance. Adding a coved extension as a backsplash for your countertop also eliminates the possibility of leaks seeping through the back side of your counters.

Another tremendous advantage to epoxy coatings is their customization. With color flakes, micas, granules, metallics, and embedded design options, the choice of how you want your countertop to look is nearly limitless. Many homeowners love it when we take elements from the present design of their kitchen floor or dining room and copy it to the countertops, continuing the décor.

Beyond Epoxy for Countertops

Of course, it’s possible that you like the look of your concrete countertop. Many people do. Thankfully, Nevada Custom Coatings offers a variety of transparent sealers so you can enjoy the look of your concrete while still protecting it from moisture and stains. Concrete polishing adds a glossy quality to your countertop, much like granite or marble, but without the heavy cost. If you’d enjoy a little color in your countertops, we can help with that too. Stained concrete add a shade of whatever color you’d like, and we help you keep that color preserved with a concrete sealant.

Concrete countertops aren’t merely a fad, but an affordable option for any remodel or home design. If you would like more information, we’re happy to answer your questions. You can call our office or contact us with our online form. We offer free consultations to assist you in making the best decision for your indoor or outdoor countertops. You can also visit our gallery for inspiring ideas. With the right protection for your concrete from Nevada Custom Coatings, you’ll enjoy your countertops for years to come!

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