Finishing Touches for Reno and Nevada Concrete Flooring

In the world of concrete floors, the topcoat or sealer is the finishing touch! But that finishing touch is not a “one type fits all” scenario. Nevada Custom Coatings typically uses two different types of sealers for concrete and you can choose the one that best fits your floor.

Acrylic Sealers

Many people in Reno choose to enliven their concrete with a color stain or concrete polish. To prevent fading, you want an acrylic sealant. Acrylic sealers are water repellent and resist ultraviolet light, making sure any colors added to the concrete stay vibrant. They are also lightweight, so they work best for areas with minimal traffic. This is a good choice for home foyers, display areas, showrooms, or the like.

Epoxy Sealers

When you need a heavy-duty finishing touch, there’s no better choice than using an epoxy sealer. They are designed to be thicker than acrylic, making them perfect for high traffic areas or places with heavy vehicles or equipment. Like acrylic sealers, epoxy sealers are resistant to ultraviolet light. But where acrylic sealers are merely water resistant, epoxy sealers are fully waterproof. They even protect against harsh chemical liquids, oils, gouges, and scrapes. Acrylic has the dazzle, but epoxy has the strength.

Choosing the Right Concrete Topcoat for You

Nevada Custom Coatings offers onsite consultations to determine the best kind of sealer for your concrete floor. We take into account factors about the concrete like age, location, condition, traffic and expected use, and more. We empower you with several options, leaving the final choice up to you.

To find out more about finishing touches for your concrete floor in Reno or the surrounding areas, please contact Nevada Custom Coatings by phone, or you can schedule an appointment here on our website. Let’s make sure that whether you choose acrylic or epoxy sealers for your concrete floor, it’s the best finishing touch for you!

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