Flooring Solutions – Epoxy Coatings versus Paint

When resurfacing or installing a flooring solution for a home or business, a person might become overwhelmed by the variety of options. In today’s trending market, many homeowners and businesses choose epoxy-coated concrete over other surfaces, like tile or carpet. Even so, there are different options for epoxy products. Some are relatively inexpensive, while others require professional installation. Many home improvement stores tout the benefits of DIY paints with epoxy components, but there are limitations that commonly come into play. It’s essential to understand the differences between paint containing epoxy and true epoxy coatings.

Composition & Chemistry

Paint, in its simplest form, is a pigmented liquid that dries to leave a thin decorative coating. Paints offer a limited form of protection. It’s typically designed for simple applications, with a minimal amount of skilled labor. Epoxy coatings are formulated from a combination of resins and hardeners. When mixed, they undergo a chemical reaction, quickly leading to a tough, rigid material that bonds exceptionally well to its substrate. Epoxy is significantly thicker than paint. In essence, paint dries whereas epoxy coatings cure. That what makes the qualitative difference between them.

Durability & Longevity

Paint freshens up a space and protects surfaces to some extent, but it lacks the durability needed for high-traffic areas. Paint chips, peels, and wears away over time, especially when exposed to stress. Paint requires constant touch-ups, meaning you need to keep extra paint on-hand. Epoxy coatings are designed for demanding environments, and are resilient against chemicals, abrasions, and heavy traffic. Specially formulated epoxy coatings can even withstand ultraviolet radiation, so they don’t fade or change color over time. Epoxy coatings resist stains and commercial solvents, making cleanup and maintenance a breeze. Adding a no-slip finish to an epoxy coating also makes sure any footwear keeps its grip.

The Case Against Epoxy Paints

Finally, no epoxy paint can come close to the customization options from Nevada Custom Coatings! We offer a wide variety of flakes, micas, metallics, granules, and other extras to add color and texture to your epoxy floor – all according to your preference. While paint has its place in the realm of interior decor, epoxy coatings are clearly the way to go when it comes to flooring. At Nevada Custom Coatings, we’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of epoxy. Our experts are here to guide you to find the best choice for your space. Feel free to peruse our gallery to see the stunning results from installing epoxy coatings. When you’re ready, give our office a call or use our online form to schedule a free onsite consultation. Leave paint for the walls and let epoxy coatings from Nevada Custom Coatings protect your concrete floor.

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