Going for the Fantastic Gloss

Adding a gloss finish to your concrete floor is a great way to improve ambient light as well as increase the elegance of a room. But once you’ve made the decision to go for the gloss, it’s important to identify how much of a gloss finish is right for you. Like paint, the level of gloss for a concrete polish or epoxy coatings is customizable. So, whether you’re looking for a high gloss finish or a subtle increase in lighting, Nevada Custom Coatings in Reno is ready to assist.

Setting the Standard for Gloss

The gloss level of a surface refers to how much light gets reflected by that surface. An industry standard is used to determine levels of surface gloss. The baseline for the industry standard is a sheet of black glass. The amount of light reflected by this glass is set at 100 GU (Gloss Units). A perfectly matte surface registers at 0 GU.

  • 10 GU or less is considered flat
  • 10-30 GU is low gloss
  • 30-50 GU is a satin finish
  • 50-60 GU is semi-gloss
  • 60-70 GU is high gloss

With specialized materials and methods used by Nevada Custom Coatings, we improve the gloss level of your concrete polish or epoxy coatings. Using products like micas or metallic finishes, your floor can produce an ultra-high gloss finish rated at 100 GU or higher!

The Right Tool for Measuring Gloss

Digital gloss meters fill the need to define the level of gloss on any surface. They measure according to standard gloss units. A gloss meter projects a beam of light toward the surface at a fixed intensity and angle, then measures the reflected light at an equal but opposite angle. Certain high-level gloss meters accurately measure gloss units even on curved surfaces. Nevada Custom Coatings consults with you as to how much gloss you would like and then adjusts the polish or epoxy coatings accordingly.

Whether you want more reflected light or a sharper, mirror-like finish, Nevada Custom Coatings brings it to your concrete floor. Simply view our gallery for examples of what your concrete floor could look like. When you are ready, give our office a call or schedule an appointment online. We’re happy to help you go for the gloss!

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