Hot Concrete!

Many people don’t realize that after you pour concrete, it does not merely go from wet to dry. Chemical reactions take place as the mixture hardens. Therefore, when concrete mix is set in place and begins to cure, it generates heat. The concrete molecules bond with water molecules in a process called hydration. As the bonding process takes place, it releases heat. Since this process releases heat, it’s referred to as an exothermic reaction. According to the Portland Cement Association, every 100 pounds of cement used to make concrete adds 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. The larger the slab of concrete, the more heat is produced. But the heat created during the process can be damaging to the integrity of the concrete if not properly regulated. The target temperature for curing concrete is about 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If the concrete stays within that range, it reaches the best balance between final strength and overall time to cure.

Controlling Concrete Curing Temperatures

To keep a concrete slab within that temperature threshold, it sometimes needs a little outside help. On a cold day in Nevada, a concrete team might need to use external heating methods or insulation to increase the ambient temperature or the temperature of the mixture itself. Conversely, a hot day might bring too much ambient heat. A concrete finishing team then applies water, using evaporation to remove excess heat.

Another method to adjust the temperatures of the exothermic reactions is by adjusting the composition of the concrete mix. The amount of aggregate, sand, or cement in the mixture affects its curing temperature. Some concrete mixtures result in higher curing temperatures, while others are designed to heat up gradually and take longer to cure. Controlling the exothermic reaction helps avoid cracking or other types of concrete defects.

The Next Step for Durable Concrete

It takes a lot of effort to get a strong, stable concrete slab in place. With all the effort poured into the final product, it’s important to protect your investment. When a person has a special car, they take steps to protect it. The same hods true for your concrete flooring. Nevada Custom Coatings helps you protect your investment with epoxy coatings in Reno and the surrounding areas.

Epoxy coatings protect your concrete from extensive heat or cold. They act like a suit of armor to defend your concrete against abrasions, chips, and stains. Epoxy coatings also enliven the look of your concrete with color, and concrete polishes bring a fine luster to your floor. All of our protective concrete options are fully customizable, allowing you to add a look and feel to your concrete flooring that will meet your desires as well as your needs. Take a trip through the samples in our gallery to show you how amazing a concrete floor can look! Then give us a call or schedule a free onsite consultation online, and Nevada Custom Coatings will show you how your concrete can look as hot as you want!

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