Let Your Concrete Shine with Concrete Polishing!

Do you like sparkle, shine, and gloss? They are attention-getting characteristics in makeup products, like lipstick and eyeshadow, but what about flooring? Concrete in its natural state has no “wow” factor, but if coated properly, it has the ability to shine away! So keep reading to learn about how Nevada Custom Coatings can add sparkle, shine, and gloss to your concrete floors.

What is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing creates a floor that is protected against stains, scratches, and wear, but is beautiful too. Color stain, polishing and installation techniques create looks that are modern, elegant, dazzling, and jaw-dropping. The choice in technique is up to you!

Preparing the concrete is an important step in getting that sparkle, shine, and gloss you want. Grinding the concrete is part of step one. This eliminates imperfections and possible trip hazards on the concrete surface. Next comes leveling. Cracks and other faults in the concrete that grinding did not take care of are filled to the same level as the rest of the concrete. Once level, the concrete is then infused with the color stain of your choice. Stains can be as light or dark as you like and can also be patterned. The final step is sealing that beautiful color and design onto the floor. The clear protective coat not only makes your floor durable, but provides that impressive glossy shine!

Maintenance of Polished Concrete

Unlike other flooring materials, polished concrete takes very little effort to maintain. Polished concrete does not require waxing, stripping, or re-sealing. To maintain that fabulous shine, accumulated dust should be removed regularly with a microfiber mop. To minimize the amount of grime on your floors, walk-off mats at entry points to your work or living space are recommended.

In case of liquid spills, clean the spill as soon as possible. Do this with a non-abrasive mop or towel, bucket, water, and a mild pH neutral cleaner if desired. Bleach, ammonia or other acidic cleaning solutions should not be used on your polished concrete.
Shine On With Nevada Custom Coatings

The professionals at Nevada Custom Coatings are passionate about flooring applications such as concrete polishing. We have helped many of our clients with stunning designs that impress visitors, patients, and clients alike. Contact us if you are interested in adding luxury, gloss, and shine to your concrete flooring! We are happy to provide free consultations to discuss how we can make your concrete flooring shine on!

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