New Concrete and Glistening Polish

Recently we discussed the use of epoxy coatings and concrete stains with new (or “green”) concrete. In both cases, it’s important to let the concrete finish the curing process so that enough moisture has left the concrete and it is in a solid enough state to support the application. There is another common application, however, that Nevada Custom Coatings offers for concrete floors, so it’s important to know the best time to apply a polish treatment to your concrete.

Concrete Polishing — A Finishing Touch

Interestingly, concrete polishes are typically a final step for concrete stains, sealing in the color and helping to protect it from damage and fading. While protecting your concrete is a strong feature with concrete polishes, the main function of this application is to dazzle onlookers with a stunning shine across your entire concrete floor. How do concrete polishes fare when it comes to new concrete?

To make sure this final touch works as designed, we need to allow the excess moisture in the concrete to escape, so that it does not sabotage our efforts. Like glue or paste, concrete starts as a viscous liquid, including plenty of water in the mix. As time goes on and the water evaporates, the mixture hardens. But if enough moisture is present when the stain or polish is applied, the concrete might develop unintended color effects, changing the uniform appearance of the final product. In other words, escaping water could dilute the color stain in random and uncontrollable patterns, ruining the intended look for the concrete. Polishing the concrete at this point merely seals in the imperfections.

Time Will Tell With Concrete Curing

Honestly, it’s best to let nature run its course with the concrete. Be patient and let it dry at it’s own pace, don’t try to cut corners or move on too early. Keep the step of polishing your concrete as one of the last steps in the process. Since it commonly takes concrete around 28 days to dry, cure, and set, it will be at least that long before attempting a concrete polish. This also allows time to inspect the concrete and any applied stains to make sure they look the way you want before the concrete polish seals them in for decades.

Trust the Experts in Concrete Polishes!

With experience using our skills at applying color stains, sealants, topcoats, polishes, and epoxy coatings to concrete floors throughout Reno and the surrounding areas, Nevada Custom Coatings is an excellent resource for improving your concrete in just the right fashion. Our knowledge helps us determine the precise time to grind your new concrete, apply your chosen color stain, or spread your protective epoxy coatings. We take into account the age of the concrete and previous improvements made, but we also take note of how much time any moisture needs to escape from green concrete. To find out more, give our office a call or list your questions on the online form on our website.

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