No Dust Left Behind

When you hear that someone “left you in the dust,” it typically refers to their position in a race. As the opponent takes off from the starting point, their abrupt acceleration produces dust that clouds the view of spectators and competitors alike. When it comes to preparing concrete for polishing, sealants or epoxy coatings, the process creates a significant amount of dust – but Nevada Custom Coatings makes sure that you are never left in it.

Dust Production and Removal

A concrete floor is sturdy and reliable. From a distance, it might look smooth and flat, but on a microscopic level, it’s porous and full of crevices, jagged edges, holes, and fissures. These features are often a few microns in size, but they’re enough to destabilize improvements installed on the surface. To remove these features, Nevada Custom Coating uses a grinder that eliminates them and smooths out the surface.

This process, however, produces very fine particles from the silica in the concrete. These particles are so tiny that they can hang in the air for long periods of time, resulting in potential lung damage. Once they settle on nearby surfaces, these particles look like a thin film, and it often takes repeated effort to remove the particles successfully.

When Nevada Custom Coatings starts this process, we make sure to use specialized filtration systems on our equipment. Our diamond grinder has multiple HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, as do our vacuums. We ensure no unauthorized individuals venture nearby until the process is completed. We also wipe down any surrounding surfaces after the procedure. If any residue somehow escapes our filters, it still doesn’t get away.

Health and Safety is Important

Nevada Custom Coatings takes our health and yours seriously. That’s also one of the advantages to concrete sealants, polishes, and epoxy coatings – such improvements to your concrete add protection and make it much easier to clean and sanitize the surface. Tiny particulates simply have nowhere to hide. To learn more about how to improve your concrete floor, there’s no need to be left in the dust. Call Nevada Custom Coatings for direct, informative answers to your concrete questions, or you can schedule a free consultation online.

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