Oil Stains, Concrete, and Epoxy Coatings

No doubt you’ve seen them plenty of times. They often appear throughout Reno and Nevada in parking lots, driveways, on the street in front of houses, and in garages. Blotches of discoloration – some small, some big. Whatever the size or color, even people who have never worked on an engine easily identify these unsightly spots as oil stains. People tolerate them because it’s hard to get rid of them. Are they a necessary evil that simply comes with owning a car, motorcycle, or lawnmower. Do we really need to just put up with oil stains, or if we can’t clean them, can we at least prevent them?

The Problem with Oil Stains

Beyond their unattractive appearance, oil stains soaked into concrete often cause issues. Under the right conditions, the oil can rise to the surface and cause a slipping hazard. Oil pans may keep the concrete clean, but look unsightly. Kitty litter to absorb the oil is generally too little, too late.

The best option is to cover and protect the concrete with a smooth layer of durable material that oil cannot get through. Epoxy coatings from Nevada Custom Coatings in Reno are a tough, seamless cover for concrete, providing a barrier that oil spills cannot penetrate. With epoxy coatings protecting their concrete, a person can collect the oil without leaving any behind, and then dispose of it safely.

What About Old Oil Stains?

But what if your concrete driveway or garage already has oil stains? If the stain is allowed to stay, it prevents the epoxy from bonding to the concrete properly. But Nevada Custom Coatings in Reno uses special equipment to grind away the surface of your concrete, preparing it so your epoxy coatings adhere to the concrete surface correctly. If the oil stain is on the surface, this process takes the stain away.

But there are occasions when an oil stain is beyond removal with grinding. At that point, Nevada Custom Coatings uses chemical resources. Safe neutralizing primers interact with and bond to oil molecules. That way your epoxy coatings get the firm bond they need with your floor. Other options are degreasers, or a process called bioremediation. Experts at Nevada Custom Coatings carefully analyze the situation and determine the best option to remove the oil stains affecting your concrete.

Once your epoxy floor is in place, you’ll never need to worry about oil stains again! The seamless surface keeps the oil molecules from staining your floor, and you can easily collect any spill or clean up any mess. If you like working on your vehicles or your property is prone to oil spills, it’s a good idea to contact Nevada Custom Coatings in Reno. Call our office at (775) 772-8787 or use our online form to schedule a free consultation. We’ll help you make oil stains a thing of the past!

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