Solid Foundations for Epoxy Coatings

Perhaps you just poured the foundation for that kitchen extension you wanted, or maybe your new driveway is finally laid out in concrete. Many types of renovations, improvements, or extensions for a home or business involve adding to the existing concrete floor. Especially if the existing floor already has the benefit of epoxy coatings as a protective layer, you might intend to cover your new addition with the same protection. Great idea! But as a wise man once said, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose.” When is it the right time for new concrete to get its armor of epoxy coating?

The Concrete Curing Process

Concrete is very strong and durable – hence its use in construction throughout the world. To reach its expected strength, however, the excess water within the mixture needs to evaporate. While this curing process happens, the mixture is called “green” concrete. The curing process for green concrete typically lasts for about 28 days. Several factors come into play when determining how long it will take, such as humidity, ambient temperature, weather, and even shading patterns.

When concrete is green, you don’t want to cover it with epoxy coatings because that would keep the excess moisture in. Not only would the concrete not set properly, therefore never reaching its expected strength, but it could also lose its integrity. Any epoxy coating would peel off, bringing portions of the concrete surface with it. Think of it this way: when baking a cake, when do you apply the icing? When the cake batter is still moist and soft? No, you wait until the surface has cooked and cooled, providing a set surface to support the icing. It’s the same with epoxy coatings – they need the concrete to be set so they adhere to the surface properly.

The Best Time for Epoxy Coatings

To monitor the status of a concrete slab, certain tests are applied at different stages of the project. Likewise, there are also tests to make sure your concrete is ready for epoxy coatings. Nevada Custom Coatings can help you by administering those tests and making sure your concrete is ready for installing epoxy coatings. Make sure to contact Nevada Custom Coatings before you begin your project so we can schedule test visits that align with the proper stages in your project.

That also gives us time to discuss the details about your epoxy coatings. Did you want them to match other existing applications? Were you looking for a specific pattern or color? How about adding coved flooring, or a no-slip finish? Would you like texturing for extra grip? We can have all these options figured out by the time your concrete goes from green to grey. It helps to get the process started before you begin your project, so give a call to Nevada Custom Coatings. You can also schedule a free consultation using our online form. Let’s discuss how you want your concrete floor to look after it becomes a solid foundation.


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