Spring for Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Coatings for the Home

Spring is here! Temperatures a warming up, days are getting longer, and you may feel the urge to organize and clean. Spring cleaning is a natural ritual for some and actually has excellent benefits for our brain and body. Seeing the results of our hard work gives us a feeling of accomplishment and helps reduce stress. That in turn gives us a sense of peace and improves our focus. Those are pretty impressive results just for picking up after ourselves and organizing our lives, right?

But perhaps in your spring cleaning you recognize a need for a few home improvements, like a new coat of paint or stain on the kitchen cabinets. Maybe you’re planning the installation of that closet organizing kit you have been considering for some time. Those are tasks you may feel extremely comfortable completing for yourself. Flooring, however, is another story. You want to entrust that type of job to a professional! Nevada Custom Coatings is an experienced concrete coating company that is here to help you realize your preferred design choices!

When people think about concrete coatings such as epoxy, they typically think of outside areas like driveways, walkways, patios, and pool or spa areas. While epoxy is an excellent choice for outside areas, many homes employ concrete coatings inside as well. Kitchens, bathrooms, and garages are excellent places to consider concrete epoxy flooring and Nevada Custom Coatings specializes in all types of concrete coatings. And while epoxy coatings are often used for industrial and clinical spaces, they can also match other material types, like stone and wood.

The Versatility of Epoxy Coatings

Home styles are varied. Contemporary, modern, art deco, farmhouse, minimalist, country chic; these are just a few design styles. Many choose to combine styles to make a style all their own. Epoxy coatings can match your style or create a whole new one!

Epoxy coatings are offered in a variety of colors. Concrete color stains likewise have a wide variety of hues available. Texture can be added with single or multicolored granules, providing toughness and safety. Sparkle is produced with the use of colored micas. Colored flakes add a multicolored effect to your epoxy coating, with flake sizes and pattern densities of your choosing. Metallic epoxies combine gloss and sparkle, lending an apparent 3rd dimension to your floor design. And to “top it off,” your topcoat is customized to the gloss level that you think looks best.

Benefits of Epoxy

Still not sure about epoxy coatings in your home? Then consider the many benefits. First, epoxy is affordable. Concrete is the foundation of most homes today, so your expense is simply the coating of your choice. Another benefit is the ease of maintenance. Epoxy coatings only require a dust mop and a wet mop as needed. No waxing, refinishing, or polishing is necessary. Coated concrete is also extremely resilient and durable, resisting stains, scratches, and moisture.

Begin your Design Planning Today!

Browse our website to see examples of the services we offer, read the testimonials, and schedule a design consultation appointment. When a member of the Nevada Custom Coatings installation team meets with you, the goal is to create a flooring design you absolutely love! Is creativity, simplicity, or luxury your aim? We provide it all while staying within your budget. To get started on the ultimate form of spring improvement, contact Nevada Custom Coatings today!

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