The Intricacies of Ultimate Gloss in Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring in Reno and the surrounding areas is often lauded for its durability, aesthetic appeal, and versatility. Deep within the biggest little city in the world, where innovation merges with tradition, Nevada Custom Coatings takes those benefits and mixes them into every installation. But at times, one feature of epoxy coatings goes unconsidered: the level of gloss. What exactly is gloss, and how does it differ from shininess? Let’s delve into the elements of gloss in epoxy flooring.

Defining Gloss and Its Subtle Elegance

Gloss isn’t merely a term restricted to the paint on your walls. It’s a descriptor of how lustrous or bright a surface appears. At its core, gloss captures the quality of light reflection. In so doing, describes a sense of depth to the shininess. Think of it as the distinction between a mirror’s sharp, accurate reflection (shiny) and the soft sheen you’d expect on a polished wooden cabinet (glossy). The former is a clear, direct reflection, while the latter offers a subtle, enchanting luster.

Crafting the Perfect Gloss for Your Concrete Floors

Even the most well-finished concrete floors, when examined microscopically, are a maze of undulations, ridges, and pores. This inherent roughness scatters light, leading to a lackluster appearance. That’s typically why concrete has a dull white or gray appearance. The first step to achieving a captivating gloss is creating an ultra-smooth surface, ensuring light reflection is uniform. Nevada Custom Coatings uses the industry’s finest tools to meticulously smooth out your concrete, laying the foundation for impeccable gloss. Once a prepared concrete surface achieves a glass-like smoothness, we introduce a pivotal component — the epoxy coating.

The Art of Choosing the Right Gloss Level

Coatings aren’t one-size-fits-all. They vary in their ability to reflect light. From matte surfaces that absorb more light, ensuring minimal reflection, to ultra-high gloss finishes that attempt to capture and bounce back almost every photon, the spectrum is vast. Nevada Custom Coatings proudly offers a variety of choices in gloss levels. Every client’s aesthetic preference and functional needs are unique, and we’re committed to tailoring our solutions accordingly. While some customers want a merely functional look, others want to show off the color flakes, micas, metallics, or granules they’ve incorporated into their design. A semi-gloss topcoat enhances the additions you’ve elected to embed in your epoxy coatings. That also goes for custom logos or patterns you’d like to showcase.

Witness the Gloss Magic with Nevada Custom Coatings

Gloss isn’t merely a term or a feature; it’s an experience. The degree of gloss can redefine spaces, lending them a characteristic aura. A high-gloss epoxy floor might turn an otherwise plain garage into an automobile exhibition, while a semi-gloss finish in a living space can evoke an air of understated luxury. We can match your epoxy kitchen floor to the gloss of your marble countertop to complete the look. You might choose to hold back the gloss of your epoxy floor in the bathroom while extending it in the foyer. The choice is yours.

Don’t Merely Take Our Word for It

If the narrative of gloss has piqued your interest, and you’re curious about how different gloss levels can redefine your spaces, we invite you to our website gallery. A testament to our craftsmanship, the variety of looks and finishes displayed there is bound to inspire. For a more tactile experience, we also offer samples, allowing you to envision the transformative potential of gloss in your spaces. In the heart of Reno, where every surface tells a story, let gloss narrate yours. Reach out to Nevada Custom Coatings by phone or with our online form. Schedule a free onsite consultation. Together, we’ll craft a tale that gleams with promise!

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