When Concrete Isn’t Ready

Nevada Custom Coatings in Reno offers several ways to improve the look, durability, and reliability of your concrete floor. We offer many options such as color stains, polishes, overlays, and epoxy coatings. Any of these options add elegance and protection to your concrete, and they are customizable to suit your preferences. There are times, however, when a concrete floor needs significant attention before it’s ready for any improvements.

Uneven Concrete

Epoxy coatings need a level surface to guarantee a uniform application. If your concrete floor is uneven – with depressions or high points – then those areas require leveling out. If you see water or liquid pool up on your concrete after a spill or rainy day, coatings will do the same thing before they cure. The results would be unsatisfactory. Once the floor is leveled, the coatings spread across the surface smoothly at a uniform thickness, setting and curing properly to improve your concrete over the long-term.

Concrete Cracks

As the ground shifts over time, it adds tension to a concrete floor. Other factors – like moisture, temperature, and wear – also come into play with age. This leads concrete to develop cracks or fissures in its surface. With continued stress, those cracks become wider and deeper, perhaps going all the way through the concrete slab. If a protective sealant is applied without fixing this issue, the crack remains. Deep cracks need to be repaired in order to cover them over completely.

Soft Concrete

Concrete needs to be solid and stable. If the concrete was mixed or cured improperly, its strength is compromised. This is known as soft concrete. If such a concrete slab receives an improvement like an overlay, sealant, or polish, you might see parts of the finish chip or peel off. The epoxy coatings keep their integrity when applied to soft concrete, but the concrete underneath breaks apart. It’s the fault of the concrete, not the epoxy. Nevada Custom Coatings will not apply epoxy coatings to bad concrete, as we cannot guarantee the final product if we do.

Ensure a Good Concrete Foundation

These examples show why Nevada Custom Coatings offers a free consultation, so any issues with your concrete can be addressed before we apply epoxy coatings to your concrete floor. We want your concrete improvements to last a lifetime – and look great doing it. If we decline or postpone a project, it typically indicates an issue needs to be resolved before we proceed. With our years of experience, we will likely be able to fix the problem ourselves, or refer you to a professional that specializes in the issue. When the concrete is ready, Nevada Custom Coatings will impress you by applying your choice of sealant, finish, or epoxy coatings to your concrete floor. To get more information and schedule your free consultation, give Nevada Custom Coatings in Reno a call, or you can fill our out online form. We’re ready for you!

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