Steady Shading for Epoxy Floors in Nevada

Improving your concrete floor in Nevada with epoxy coatings is a great way to add protection, durability, and appeal. One of the main ways to add appeal is with color. Nevada Custom Coatings can add an almost unlimited variety of colors and textures to your concrete floor. We do this with color flakes, micas, and granules, or even color stains. But sometimes a project requires multiple supplies of epoxy product to cover and protect your concrete floor. To make certain you get the consistent look you want, it’s vital to make sure each container of product matches the others in color hue, depth, and shade.

The Eye Trained for Color

Computer models and high-end cameras regularly verify color variations in production facilities, but there’s just no substitute for the human eye. Unfortunately, not all eyes are created equal – some of us do not register colors as well as others. As the need for color differentiation became more and more in demand, a doctor named Dean Farnsworth developed a test that is now called the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test. When taking the test, a person arranges 88 tiles, each colored a slightly different hue, into the proper order. When finished, the tiles show a smooth, progressive change from one color to the next.

Test subjects are scored according to how many tiles are incorrectly placed. A person who passes this test with 10 errors or less is considered exceptional. Many companies that require little or no color variation hire these individuals and give them the title “color control operative.” There’s only a slim chance that you can get the shades right, but if you’d like to try your eyes at this skill, you can find versions of the Farnsworth-Munsell test at A company looking for this skill will likely ask for official certification, and they will direct applicants to acquire the needed credentials.

Bringing You True Colors

When preparing your epoxy coating, Nevada Custom Coatings works with companies that regularly test their color control operatives to make sure they can still differentiate between color hues. Of course, with the wide variety of imaginative customizations available with epoxy coating, you might prefer vibrant color changes, patterns, or logos. In every case, Nevada Custom Coatings extensively verifies the final product looks as great as you imagined. To find out more, give our office a call or schedule a free on-site consultation. We’ll help you find just the right shade for your concrete floor.

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