When Can You Stain New Concrete?

An earlier post discussed the best time to apply epoxy coatings to concrete. It’s important to make sure the concrete is cured and set before installing epoxy coatings. But epoxy coatings are not the only finish that Nevada Custom Coatings offers for concrete floors. We also offer stains and sealants to protect your concrete. They offer a more natural look than epoxy coatings, so some people opt for stains or sealants – especially for driveways and walkways. So, when is the best time to apply stains to new concrete?

Keep It Simple

Concrete stains used by Nevada Custom Coatings are water-based products. There are some stains out there which use acids and solvents to perform the task. But those components could also harm uncured concrete, especially if used improperly, so we simply stay away from those. Due to their makeup, water-based stains offer a safer, more vibrant result for new concrete. Even so, water-based stains require knowledge of the product and skill in its application.

Similar to watercolor paints, the more water in a concrete stain, the lighter the resulting color. Since “green” concrete is still in the process of releasing excess water from its mixture, if a concrete stain gets applied before that moisture is released, the only place the water can go is into the stain itself, diluting the mixture. In many cases, the final product turns out to be much lighter than the desired shade, sometimes with color inconsistencies throughout the final product.

New Concrete – Patience Is Still a Virtue

The protective polymer topcoat that locks in the stain cannot be applied to the concrete until it is fully dried out, often taking 28 days to accomplish. Reducing that time is not recommended. With the help of the arid climate of Reno and the surrounding areas, we might be able to apply the stain up to 2 weeks earlier, but only after testing. This gives the client and Nevada Custom Coatings time to ensure that the look and shade of the stain meets the end goal before it is locked in place with the topcoat.

Nevertheless, each project has its own combination of variables. That’s where the skill and experience of the specialists at Nevada Custom Coatings is to your benefit. Our expertise allows us to accurately gauge the right time to apply the stain to your concrete so that it isn’t diluted by escaping moisture, but still gives time to make adjustments if necessary.

Is a concrete stain the right look for your concrete floor, or are epoxy coatings still the best way to go? It’s best use accurate knowledge to make the best decision. Apply the experience, knowledge, skill, and training acquired by Nevada Custom Coatings to your advantage! We offer free onsite consultations, answering all your questions. You can schedule a meeting using our convenient online form, or just give our office a call. We’re happy to help you choose the best protection for your new concrete.

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