7 Important Questions When Choosing an Epoxy Coating Contractor

If you want industrial epoxy coatings you need to choose an epoxy coating contractor to get the job done right. How do you know which contractor is going to be the best choice? It’s important to discern the experts from the novices. Your choice significantly influences the longevity and quality of the epoxy coating you receive. Here is a list of insightful questions you should ask an epoxy coating installation contractor making a bid on your job.

1. How long have you been in the epoxy coating business?

Experience matters, and Nevada Custom Coatings boasts a legacy in the industry with several years of experience. Our history has equipped us with the expertise to tackle diverse projects and ensure quality results.

2. Can you provide a portfolio of past projects?

Visual proof of prior work speaks volumes. Nevada Custom Coatings proudly showcases an extensive portfolio of completed projects through our online gallery, allowing clients to witness the quality of our work firsthand.

3. Do you sub-contract or have in-house crews?

Knowing who works on your floor is vital, and adding another middleman is often not the best option. Nevada Custom Coatings employs a dedicated in-house team of skilled, experienced installers and technicians, ensuring consistent quality without the involvement of middlemen or subcontractors.

4. Can you provide references from past industrial projects?

Genuine feedback is valuable. Nevada Custom Coatings offers a list of satisfied customers who will vouch for our professionalism and quality, providing a transparent insight into our services. You can read many of their testimonials here on our website under the “About” section.

5. Are you licensed and insured?

Protection for both parties is paramount. Nevada Custom Coatings operates with appropriate licensing and insurance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients. Our technicians are well-trained to ensure that they are skilled at installing your epoxy coatings.

6. How do you prepare the concrete surface before application?

Preparation can make or break the project. Nevada Custom Coatings employs thorough surface preparation techniques, including diamond grinding, to guarantee the best epoxy adhesion and finish.

7. How do you determine the cost of the project?

Every project has its own characteristics. There are differences in surface area, quality of the concrete, location, design options, and the like. Transparent pricing prevents unpleasant surprises. Nevada Custom Coatings provides clear quotes, ensuring that clients understand what they’re paying for and why.

Questions Lead to Answers

By asking these questions, you’re not just ensuring a beautiful epoxy coating for your concrete floor, but also building one that will last a lifetime. With Nevada Custom Coatings, you’re choosing a partner committed to excellence every step of the way. Take a further look through our website, and then reach out to us by phone or online to schedule your free onsite consultation. We’ll be happy to answer all the questions listed here, and any more you might have. Let’s make sure you’re ready to enjoy your epoxy coatings in Nevada!

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