An Incredible Comfort Coating Combination

A Symbiotic Relationship: Epoxy Coatings and Radiant Heating

In the fluctuating temperatures of Nevada, particularly in areas like Reno and Sparks, residents seek innovative solutions to enhance home comfort. While the summer months are undeniably scorching, winter can see temperatures plummet to the low 20’s. In such conditions, the chilly feel of a concrete floor is less than inviting. Enter radiant floor heating, a modernized technology that promises to keep feet and houses warm. How do epoxy coatings, a popular choice for concrete floors, fare with radiant heating?

Concrete floors make an ideal partner for radiant floor heating. The natural properties of concrete allow for efficient heat transfer, ensuring every inch of the floor radiates warmth. Far from hindering the heating process, epoxy coatings allow the radiant warmth to permeate effectively. And while they’re robust enough to withstand the harsh Nevada sunlight, they don’t impede the cozy warmth from a radiant heating system. The key is in the installation process. For optimal results, it’s crucial to:

  1. Turn off underfloor heating for at least 4 days pre-installation.
  2. Once the epoxy coating is applied, leave the floor heating off for a week to allow the epoxy to set correctly.
  3. Gradually reintroduce the heat, raising the temperature in increments to allow the epoxy to acclimate.

This simple procedure ensures your epoxy floor and radiant heating get introduced successfully, and you can enjoy warm and beautiful floors for years to come.

Choosing Your Radiant Heating System

When considering radiant floor heating, homeowners generally have two choices: electric and water-based (hydronic) systems. While electric systems are initially more affordable, hydronic systems are more economical over time, even if their upfront costs are higher. Whichever you choose, epoxy coatings are compatible with both, ensuring you get the best of warmth and aesthetics.

Professional Installation is Non-Negotiable

For the perfect marriage of radiant heating and epoxy coatings, professional installation is paramount. The expertise of an experienced and highly trained installation crew ensures longevity and optimal performance, safeguarding your investment. While Nevada Custom Coatings specializes in epoxy solutions, we’re also connected to experts who can seamlessly integrate radiant heating into your concrete floors.

Bring the Two Together

Radiant floor heating and epoxy coatings are an undeniably perfect match. Together they ensure a floor that’s not just beautiful and durable, but also warm and inviting. Are you ready to upgrade your Reno home with this winning combination? Nevada Custom Coatings is at your service, ensuring a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Reach out to us today and take a step towards your ideal home!

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