Eye-Catching Additions for Your Epoxy Coating

One of the most popular features with epoxy flooring is customization. After the epoxy basecoat is set, Nevada Custom Coatings can place color granules or color flakes on top of the base coat, and then place the topcoat over the additions. Like a mosquito in amber, the flakes or granules are embedded into your new flooring, offering a wide variety of depth and color. But what is the difference between granules and flakes?

Granules Get a Grip

If you take a look at granules by themselves, you might mistake them for sand. In fact, most versions of granules are made from silica sand or quartz. These rounded particles typically have rough edges at random points, so if you spread them out over the floor, they feel abrasive. But when you leave them on the epoxy basecoat and then cover them over with a topcoat, they become tiny little bumps in the surface. Those bumps provide grip for bare feet or shoes. Depending on the color you choose for the granules, you can enjoy the look of a sandy beach, or a subtle dark brown on a sloped floor in your workshop area, or any color you desire for your epoxy floor.

Flakes Catch Your Eye

If you want contrasts with your base color, something that pops when people see it, color flakes are the best choice. These are flat pieces of resin with randomized shapes and thicknesses. They are larger than granules, making them easer to see. Because of the differences in thickness, a person in bare feet might feel a difference in height between a flake or two, but that difference is not significant enough to provide an increase in grip. But that same difference adds depth along with color, creating additional design appeal. There’s no need to stick with the earth tones of Nevada – you can expand the palette of your home or business with a veritable rainbow of color flakes!

Decisions for Your Epoxy Coating

With so many colors, textures, and other options available from Nevada Custom Coatings there’s a lot to choose from. That’s why we recommend you look through our gallery of finished projects to get a sampling of what epoxy coatings can do for your concrete floor. Another recommendation is to speak with our experienced staff on how to achieve the look and feel you want. We have the training, skill, and specialized equipment to give your concrete floor the makeover you want! To find out more, please give our office a call or schedule a free consultation with our online form.

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