Bond and Protect with Science

In the realm of flooring solutions, there are two main criteria that must be met. The floor must look great and perform flawlessly. A floor performs by creating a stable surface to work, play, store, or even display. Epoxy stands out, not just for its aesthetics and durability, but also for the power in its performance. Ever wondered how a seemingly liquid mixture transforms into a sturdy, almost indestructible surface? Let’s take a glimpse into the world of epoxy beyond the naked eye.

The Science Behind Epoxy

Epoxy’s strength lies in its molecular structure. When the components within its resin combine with hardeners, they merge via an exothermic reaction that forms tight cross-linked molecular structures. The reaction results in a new chemical known as a polymer. Epoxy polymers are a dense mesh offering tremendous adhesion capabilities, enabling epoxy to bond tenaciously to treated concrete surfaces. Once the polymer finishes the curing process, the result is a solid, rigid structure.

Epoxy Beyond the Microscope

Epoxy also forms a protective layer impervious to many threats. Whether it’s the spill of a harsh chemical, an accidental splash of water, or the wear and tear of daily traffic, epoxy stands resilient. A quick internet search will reveal many industries and applications where epoxy is used regularly. But when epoxy coatings are used for flooring, another factor comes into play — the power of customization! Using micas, color flakes, metallics and more, you can create a look and feel to your epoxy floor that is one of a kind, expressing your personality or reflecting your business vibe. The only ingredients needed to make it all work is your imagination and the help of Nevada Custom Coatings.

Bring On the Professionals

Our understanding of the science behind epoxy coatings improves the quality of our application process. Equipped with this knowledge, experience, training, and top-notch equipment, we ensure optimal conditions for the epoxy to bond, cure, and protect. With us, you’re not just getting an upgraded floor; you’re getting science-backed protection! Give us a call to find out more, or you can use our online form to ask us more questions. You can also schedule a free onsite consultation to learn what our knowledge and expertise can tell you about how epoxy coatings bond and protect with science.

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