Concrete Flooring – A Trending Style?

Concrete flooring is still a trending style in residential, commercial, and retail spaces. This minimalist style was previously used primarily for industrial projects. Now concrete flooring is used in a wide variety of décor styles, like farmhouse, rustic, and contemporary. Perhaps you are considering this flooring option for your residential, commercial, or retail space, but need to learn more about the benefits of concrete flooring to decide in favor of epoxy coatings. Here is more information from the epoxy flooring professionals in Reno — Nevada Custom Coatings.

Benefits of Concrete Flooring

A poured concrete foundation is the most popular foundation type in the United States and rightfully so. Concrete creates a strong, reliable foundation. If your space has a concrete foundation, consider the benefits of using the existing concrete as the star of your flooring design. Why should you do so?

First, concrete flooring is cost effective. Laminate, wood, tile, and carpet are common choices for flooring, but depending on the style and quality of your choice, they can be very expensive to buy and install. Concrete staining, sealing, and polishing is more cost effective than other flooring types when it comes to installation and long-term maintenance costs.

That’s because sealed concrete flooring is easy to clean. Most concrete floor surfaces are one continuous slab of material, so there are no grout lines and few crevices to be concerned about. In addition, the solid material does not attract and hide dirt or spills like carpet. Concrete flooring only requires a quick dusting or mopping to look its best.

Another benefit is that concrete floors provide exception durability, especially in high traffic areas such as hallways, aisles, kitchens, and bathrooms. Properly sealed concrete is not only water and stain resistant, but fire resistant as well. So, while you may need to replace other flooring types after a time due to wear, concrete flooring stands the test of time.

Not Just Gray

Some of you may be concerned that concrete flooring will be a gray, boring option. If you want more for your concrete floor, contact Nevada Custom Coatings. We specialize in making your concrete stand out in a beautiful and appealing way. We offer epoxy coatings in a variety of colors and thicknesses and provide additional design options with flakes, micas, and granules. You will be amazed at how we help you design and implement a style that exceeds all your expectations. Contact us for a free design consultation today and discover the trending style of concrete flooring!

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