Concrete Security: Abrasion

Objects in contact with one another generate friction. Enough friction over time causes decay in a process called abrasion. It’s a natural phenomenon that happens between any two items, like sandpaper and wood, or a flowing river and a shoreline (like the Grand Canyon). Likewise, concrete may be tough and durable, but it is also subject to abrasion. The Portland Cement Association reports that “many industrial floors are subjected to abrasion by steel or hard rubber-wheeled traffic, which can cause significant rutting.” As abrasion continues, the concrete loses more material from its surface and may even begin to compromise the structural integrity of thin areas.

No Need to Be Abrasive

Applying epoxy coatings over your concrete floor minimizes the threat of abrasion. Epoxy coatings adhere to the surface of your concrete and provide a cushioning, protective barrier. Tires, wheels, and foot traffic rub against the epoxy coatings instead of your floor, keeping your concrete free of abrasion. With a no-slip finish added to your epoxy coatings, the wheels and shoes in your facility will have a better grip without resorting to abrasive sand or adhesive strips that often peel away over time.

Abrasion is a natural occurrence, but when dealing with concrete, it’s an avoidable one. Let Nevada Custom Coatings show you how epoxy can increase the security of your concrete floor and protect it from things like corrosion and abrasion. Give our office a call or schedule an appointment online to learn how epoxy coatings can help maintain your concrete for a lifetime.

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